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Approach of Transformative Technologies

We use advanced technologies for creating value and developing wealth in African markets.

Our “business engine” combines technologies, markets and financing. Technology-related projects can be included in global investment portfolios.

How to Enter African Markets Successfully

Africa versus Europe and America:

While the developed world is heavily regulated, increasingly centralized, technologically advanced, with stagnant and ageing populations, and saturated and very competitive markets, Africa is the opposite.

Populations are expanding, economies are growing, and many markets are highly unsaturated. Lack of technology, combined with scarcity of finances, is a challenge to be met by bold entrepreneurs, agile companies and foresighted investors.

Those who act accordingly will be rewarded with excellent business and investment opportunities.

Six keys to success:

market access

A viable market entry strategy has to provide good answers to the following questions:

  • Which technology for which target groups?
  • Which markets / countries offer the best risk/reward potential?
  • Through which high-ranking contacts do we have the best market access?
  • Which business model is suitable for which target groups?
  • Which investors will participate? Public Private Partnerships? Subsidies and grants?
  • Are the key persons experienced and trustworthy with the right mindset and excellent contacts?

Business and Investment Philosophy

Principles of responsible investing:

  • Focusing on wealth–not on richness
  • Focusing on what is already existent–not on what is still missing
  • Focusing on building the asset base step by step rather than accumulating financial liabilities
  • Triple Bottom Line:
    Economic, Social, and Environmental
  • Looking for sustainable solutions for pressing problems in Africa


Business engine:

business engine

CABL Wealth Formula:

CREATE: by introducing new technologies, methods, tools, and processes.

ACTIVATE: by mobilizing resources (tangible and intangible capital) that are already in place

BUILD: by founding companies,
starting operations, attracting partners, getting people into work, and developing assets

LEVERAGE: by upscaling and multiplying successful businesses, and by expanding business relationships and trade routes to other countries

Value Creation Trajectory and Wealth Development Dynamics

Value Creation Trajectory

Practical examples are shown here.

Wealth Development Dynamics

Dynamics of Replicating Successful Business Cases in Other Countries

Turnover and profitability of projects
Learning curve
Visibility in the market
Investment risk over time

How Technology-Related Projects Translate into Investment Portfolios