Transformative Technologies is introducing advanced Western technologies into emerging and frontier markets with primary focus on sub-Saharan Africa. We are a Global Business Company based in Mauritius.

Our technologies shall:

  • Create, release, build and leverage wealth
  • Bridge gaps, eliminate shortcomings and solve problems
  • Have the capacity to transform business ecosystems, societies and nations
  • Our activities include:

  • Founding new businesses with profitable and sustainable business models
  • Offering direct investment opportunities to investors
  • Creating jobs in start-ups, spin-offs and joint ventures with existing companies
  • Advising technology providers on how to access African markets
  • Selecting capable local distributors
  • Corporate Structure

    Transformative Technologies PCC is a Mauritius based Global Business Company in the legal form of a Protected Cell Company (PCC).

    We use the PCC structure for segmentation of technologies/ product lines and geographic areas. Read more

    Regional Presence

    We operate our businesses in Africa from Africa. Our key persons have comprehensive market expertise and excellent contacts in business and politics in more than 30 countries. Read more

    Portfolio of Technologies

    The portfolio of our technologies currently includes:

    Water Purification

    This technology produces a highly concentrated water disinfectant solution which will provide access to clean drinking water at the Base of the Pyramid in Côte d’Ivoire and West Africa. Read more

    Water Exploration

    Gamma Exploration is a new air-borne geophysical survey method that measures background radiation to identify sub-surface deposits of water, depict its boundaries and determine drilling points for exploration boreholes. Since there is an increasing scarcity of water resources in many African countries, there is a significant market potential for this innovation in Africa. Read more

    Mobile Health

    Providing health delivery services to the employed uninsured African poor through the medium of mobile phones is a unique way of solving one of the most pressing socio, economic and political problems in South Africa and the continent of Africa. Read more

    Lighting system

    The new technology of LED lighted concrete stones allows illuminating roads, terraces, garden paths, arcades, and outdoor and indoor areas. Lighting elements are also available for walls and ceilings. Read more

    Road Construction

    A German company has developed robust machines for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of low-volume non-tarred roads. There is a huge market potential of applying this technology to earthen and gravel roads in Africa. Read more