Coronavirus And Anti-Corona Measures: New Findings

In the videos on this page, we present strategies to protect ourselves from severe COVID-19 disease with simple means. It is based on numerous scientific studies and the analysis of extensive data material.

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How Vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine determine the course of disease of COVID-19

COVID-19, vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine: Little-noticed interrelationships and practical solutions

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 06:41 Vitamin D insufficiency is prevalent in severe COVID-19
  • 09:27 Vitamin D level: Which factors are causing deficiency?
  • 10:59 Vitamin D Status in Germany and worldwide
  • 13:29 Case-Fatality-Ratios in relation to Latitude, Sunlight and Vitamin D deficiency
  • 14:21 Analysis of Europe
  • 16:24 Analysis of Africa and Asia
  • 17:26 Analysis of the Middle East
  • 17:57 Analysis of Latin America
  • 19:59 Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19: Summary and outlook
  • 23:47 CFR and Hydroxychloroquine: Countries
  • 25:11 CFR and Hydroxychloroquine: U.S. States
  • 27:43 G6PD Deficiency as a Contraindication for HCQ
  • 29:41 Summary of the key message