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For Land and Property Developers

Using Our Technologies as an Acquisition Currency

The following examples demonstrate how land developers, building promoters, property developers and realtors can benefit by employing our technologies in their projects:

Residential housing estate in Nigeria


200 units selling @ $30,000 each, with bad access roads and estate roads

  • Technology investment 1:
    Good roads, built with our innovative road construction technology – Cost: $250,000
  • Technology investment 2:
    Own water bore hole located with our Gamma Exploration method, thereby becoming independent from local water utility – Cost: $100,000
  • Technology investment 3:
    Own water purification unit, with safe water from the tap (which would be a valuable USP in many countries) – Cost: $100,000

Result of enhancing value of the residential housing estate:

  • Houses can be sold @ $35,000
  • Revenue: + $1m
  • Profit: + $600k

Land development in California


Potential deal:
Buying a plot of land (4 km2) without proven water resources in a semi-desert area. If water can be found, the land price would double as the land can be used for agriculture.

  • Technology investment 1:
    Surveying for sub-surface water resources with our Gamma Exploration method – Cost: $25,000
  • Technology investment 2:
    If water resources are highly probable, a water hole will be drilled by a local drilling company. Own water bore hole, thereby becoming independent from local water utility – Cost: $25,000 – 100,000, depending on the depth

Result of enhancing value of the land:

  • Land can be resold at double of the purchasing price of $500,000
  • Capital gain: + $500k
  • Profit: + $375-450k

Mixed residential / commercial development

estate wall
commercial development

Development project:
Building a communal road at own cost with our road construction technology.
Municipality contributes a non-cash compensation of 200 hectares land for free or at very low price.

  • Asset development 1:
    Land will increase in value through better road and considerably less time for commuting to the city
  • Asset development 2:
    Building a residential housing estate on 100 ha
  • Asset development 3:
    New company for road construction & maintenance to be located aside the residential housing estate –> creation of jobs; attraction of other businesses


  • Good profits through property development; pilot project for the road construction venture
  • Land price of the remaining 100 ha will increase further
  • Selling this land would recoup all initial cost + yield a profit