For Distributors and Connectors

We are always looking for well established markerters and distributors in African countries and other frontier markets that can together with us introduce proven and new technologies into these markets.

Depending on the technology and the business model required for introducing this technology into African markets, a distributor that is suited for us should have the following capabilities:

Products that shall be distributed to the mass market

Ideally, candidates should be financially sound companies with a sufficient network of distribution points within their country or region and a considerable track record.

Technologies that are best suited for large governmental contracts

A candidate should expose of excellent contacts to key persons in their country, but not necessarily solely to leading politians of the current administration.

Technologies that would require massive investments

Instead of financing all start-up cost alone, we would rather look for a strategic partner with whom we would like to share both profits and risks. Normally this would be realized through a joint venture agreement.