Transformative Technologies is introducing advanced Western technologies into emerging and frontier markets with our primary focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Our company is based in Mauritius with an international team operating across Africa.

Our Roadmap:

  • 1. To become aware of an advanced technology that can solve a widespread problem in Africa
  • 2. To team up with the technology provider and make a viable business plan
  • 3. To look for local key persons and distributors as strategic partners, and invite financial investors to participate, if needed
  • 4. To start a pilot project in one country
  • 5. To replicate the business model in other countries

Our Impact:

  • We meet urgent needs of the markets by offering innovative solutions for widespread problems.
  • We start small but always have the big picture in mind.
  • We improve the living conditions of local people.
  • We create jobs in start-ups, spin-offs and joint ventures with local companies.
  • We take care of the environment.
  • We help African nations be recalibrated from developing countries into emerging markets.
  • Our Approach


    Market entry in Africa: The Six Keys to Success


    Our regional and local presence in Africa

    Why Africa?

    High ROI in the most attractive markets in the world

    About Mauritius

    The ideal financial hub and perfect gateway to Africa

    Our Technologies

    Water Purification

    Access to safe drinking water for rural populations

    Water Exploration

    Implementing a new geophysical survey method to locate subsurface water

    Mobile Health

    Health care access for the uninsured employed

    Road Construction

    Construction and maintenance of non-tarred low-volume secondary roads.

    Targeted Information