Lighting solutions through amalgamation of concrete stones with LED lighting systems

LCT Light & Concrete Technology was founded in Austria in 2010. The four owners, having professional backgrounds of the construction, road construction, paving and light business, were focusing on low energy light & concrete solutions with the aim of developing easy to install and long-lasting products. The result was the successful development of the patented LightStone™ technology. Today, the company is the global market leader in its niche sector.


LCT offers outstanding light design for interior and exterior areas with the currently most interesting material the international design world can offer: concrete in different colours and surfaces.

  • LightStones™ for floors, roads, walkways
  • Pedestrian crosswalk light solution
  • Concrete walls and ceilings with LED lighting
  • Translucent photovoltaic facades and slabs
  • Lightweight aluminium slabs for lightweight constructions

  • Main areas of application

  • Hospitality industry: In-door and out-door ambient lighting in hotels and resorts
  • Residential housing: Pavements, walkways, wall lighting, swimming pool areas
  • Smart cities: Traffic management systems, guiding systems, pedestrian crossings, street lighting

  • LightStone™: Sizes, colours and control system

  • Sizes: 20x20 cm, 20x40 cm and 40x40 cm
  • Concrete colours: White, gray and anthracite (standard colours); ocher and red (special colours)
  • LED lighting: white, red, green, blue, violet and many nuances in between
  • Wireless control system (optional): Command & control via a smartphone app, being able to switch on and off, dim and change colours

  • Energy options

  • Electricity from the grid (standard solution)
  • Energy-saving unit consisting of photovoltaics and an external storage medium (smart solution)
  • In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany, LCT is working on implementing built-in photovoltaic elements that will enable LightStones to be operated off the grid and without batteries. Energy produced by sunlight will be stored internally during the day and be released during the night.