Hartmut Sieper, Chief Executive Officer

Hartmut Sieper, born 1961, has both a scientific and financial background. After having studied Chemistry and Geography, he was working as an entrepreneur, investment manager and business consultant in Bavaria, Germany, now living in Mauritius. Since 2006, he had dedicated himself to corporate development and investment opportunities in Africa. His vision and mission is to introduce investors to profitable and sustainable African companies by both portfolio and direct investments, and to create new businesses in Africa based on technology.

He was managing a Luxembourg based Pan-African equities fund for more than five years. He worked with several private banks as investment advisor, financial analyst, asset manager and investment strategist, and was a co-founder and board member of a Germany based venture capital firm. He was also Managing Director and Vice President of the Association of Technical Analysts of Germany (VTAD) and a board member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts Inc. (IFTA), New York.

Hartmut is the author / co-author of several books about capital markets and investments in Africa.


  • Leading the corporate Headquarters in Mauritius
  • Coordination of the regional offices
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Main contact person for technology providers
  • David Hartmann, Director

    David Hartmann is an asymmetric strategy expert and tactical trainer. His experience includes the Israeli army and government service in both combat duties and advisory roles, working and instructing in the private security industry, and consulting to governments, companies and NGOs. On the way he learned how to avoid strategic surprises, inflict them on adversaries, and handle the inevitable tactical surprises on the way. Since 2011 he adapts these lessons to the realities of the African continent and has so far developed concepts for border security, training of African security forces, DDR following a civil war, and state building. As a business executive, he is well versed in the operating of high reliability organizations, boundaryless structures and matrix organizations. He holds a M.Sc. in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Social Sciences from Open University, Israel.

    David currently lives in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


  • Leading the regional office for Francophone West and Central Africa in Abidjan
  • Leading the subsidiary Water 4 All CI, Abidjan
  • Leading our security technologies practice
  • Sanjeev Gopaul, Director

    Sanjeev is the Founder and CEO of Credentia Group, a Mauritius based independent and privately owned investment group with operations in financial services, ICT & BPO, hospitality and health care sectors. Created in 2012, the group has grown by selective partnerships with established individuals and companies that share its ambition and values.

    Sanjeev is an expert in cross-border corporate and tax structuring, fiduciary services, estate planning and listings.


  • Company administration in Mauritius
  • Strategic Advisory