Advantages of Mauritius for South African businesses

It is time to think different.

South African enterprises are facing a very high burden of overregulation in many areas. White-owned companies in particular are challenged by ever increasing BBBEE requirements which might lead to ultimately losing the control over the family business that they have built up over many years, decades, or even generations. Land of white farmers can become subject to expropriation without getting refunded. Global investors are getting concerned about the economic future of South Africa.

Go Africa!

Time has come to think ahead and to adjust corporate planning. Expanding your SA business into Africa can be an excellent strategy. However, using the existing legal entity in South Africa as a mother company for subsidiaries abroad does not make sense because the legal and financial constraints, BEE regulations and capital transfer restrictions would persist and influence the ex-SA businesses negatively.

Our team can advise you how to setup legal structures at a safe jurisdiction where there is ease of doing business, freedom to operate, 100% foreign ownership possible, no exchange controls, no withholding tax, no capital gains tax and very low corporate tax rates. This place is Mauritius.

We have a broad network of excellent contacts, business partners and affiliate companies in key African countries, i.e. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Madagascar and the DRC.

If there are constraints of moving sufficient funds from SA to Mauritius for covering the startup costs, there might be the possibility of presenting your business case to potential investors from our global network.

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