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Caring for Africa

Africa is the most attractive investment region in the world. Most economies grow dynamically. Everything is needed. Markets are unsaturated and expanding. Doing business becomes easier and safer. Risk is above average but can be managed. Return on invest is very high.

On the other hand, Africa is the continent with the most urgent problems, ranging from exploding population numbers, threats by climate change to lack of critical infrastructure and widespread poverty. A lot has to be done which private investments alone cannot achieve.

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Water4All: How to Make a Big Impact with Small Money

Through local production of sodium hypochlorite at 80 central places in Africa at low cost and selling small bottles with the disinfectant to end users at affordable cost, 500 million people can get access to safe drinking water. Simple table salt is the only raw material that is needed for the environmental-friendly process of Electro-Chemical Activation.

The problem

  • The water problem has a political dimension: Poor living conditions is one of the main causes for migrants leaving their countries and looking for a better future in Europe.
  • The best way of curtailing massive immigration from Africa is to improve the life conditions.
  • Having no access to safe drinking water is seen as a major problem.
  • Solving this shortcoming is an excellent measure to make their continuance in their home countries more attractive!


The financial perspective

  • As a commercial project:
    Investment requirement for establishing Water 4 All continent-wide = $100 million, as a one time investment covering CAPEX and OPEX until break even. (Investment for a country starts at $1 million.)
  • From the end consumers’ perspective:
    Total annual cost for a family of five for disinfecting 20 liters of water per day: 15-20 €

  • As a social project:
    If Water 4 All would provide the small bottles for free to 300 million people = $50 million per annum

In comparison

  • Cost of the German government for asylum seekers: 23 bn € p.a.; thereof 8 bn € p.a. for “Fluchtursachenbekämpfung” (tackling causes of flight)
    Water 4 All would cost a fraction of this: 1.2%
  • Cost of bailing out Hypo Real Estate Bank: 17 billion €
    Water 4 All would cost a fraction of this: 0.6%
  • Cost of “saving” Greece: 32 billion € (for Germany alone)
    Water 4 All would cost a fraction of this: 0.3%