The Investment Opportunity

Prior Mobile Health offers investors the possibility of investing into the company by equity, debt or mezzanine capital.

Investment highlights

1. Minimum US$ 1 million (R16m +) investment for loan or 20% equity. (or R2 Revenue Share per Voucher sold for Budget period).
2. Excellent ROI. Business projects R137 million (profit after tax) in year 5 with only 10% market share.
3. Excellent cash flows – will fund own growth from end 2017.
4. Excellent management team – over 30 years’ experience in Health Care.
5. Have secured all possible I.P.
6. Huge market opportunity for easy, simple, cost effective access to Health – via Prior Mobile pre-paid Health.
7. No current competitor product – so will be 1st to market, with first mover advantage.
8. Owners already invested over R5m in Project.
9. Fully ready to upgrade systems and go to market.

Capitalization rounds

Prior is seeking debt and/or equity capital of between US$ 1 million (Business upgrade) for which we do have an up-to-date 5 year budget and returns = US$ 8,7 million Net Profit After Tax.

Then $5 million to Increase business structure to prepare for escalation into SADC and then Africa.

For full expansion into Africa, if the Investor is interested - further investment of $5 million will be needed for:
• Start of rolling out of specially developed model clinics in South Africa
• Expansion in SADC region, and to start moving into Africa.

Note:The fund raising is managed by Trans Africa Invest GmbH, Germany.


Comprehensive information is provided in the Executive Summary.