About Hartmut Sieper

Hartmut Sieper

Hartmut Sieper is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Transformative Technologies. He is living in Mauritius.

Hartmut Sieper, born 1961, was working as an entrepreneur, investment manager and business consultant in Bavaria, Germany, now living in Mauritius. Since 2006, he had dedicated himself to corporate development and investment opportunities in Africa. His vision and mission is to introduce investors to profitable and sustainable African companies by both portfolio and direct investments, and to create new businesses in Africa based on technology.

Hartmut is also Managing Director of the Germany based consultancy company Trans Africa Invest.

He was managing a Luxembourg based Pan-African equities fund from 2009 to 2014. In the 90s, Hartmut was a Managing Director and board member of a listed Asset Management Company in Germany, being responsible for Emerging Markets in Eastern Europe.

Before that, he worked with several private banks as investment advisor, financial analyst, asset manager and investment strategist, and was a co-founder and board member of a Germany based venture capital firm.

He was also Managing Director and Vice President of the Association of Technical Analysts of Germany (VTAD) and a board member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts Inc. (IFTA), New York.

Hartmut Sieper is a member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. The ICCC is a world-wide network of committed businesspeople in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; helping sustain and strengthen each other physically and spiritually. It is represented in more than 65 nations.

Hartmut is the author of several books about capital markets and investments in Africa:

  • Professional Investing ("Geldanlage professionell", 1990)
  • Handbook of Investing ("Handbuch Vermögensanlage", 1992, as editor)
  • Successful Trading ("Erfolgreich spekulieren", 1995)
  • Investing in Africa: The Wealth of the Black Continent ("Investieren in Afrika", 2008)
  • Tapping the Wealth of African Stocks (2010)
  • Together with other authors, he contributed to the following books:

  • Cape of Good Business: Strategies for Long-term Success in South Africa ("Am Kap der Guten Geschäfte", 2010)
  • Creating Wealth by Harnessing Opportunities in Africa: God's Way to Multiply the Assets in Your Storehouses
  • Redefining Business in the New Africa: Shifting Strategies to be Successful
  • Grow Rich in the New Africa: Navigating Business Opportunities on the Continent