Our Technologies

Our portfolio of technologies currently includes:

Water Purification

The ECA technology allows producing a highly concentrated water disinfectant solution through a simple and robust electrolytical process which is environmental friendly and very cost-efficient.

We will introduce safe water products based on this technology into rural areas of Africa where most people have no access to clean drinking water. Our first production plant is operating in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa.

Water Exploration

Gamma Exploration is a new air-borne geophysical survey method that measures background radiation from the Earth with custom-made scintillation counters in order to identify sub-surface deposits of water, to depict its boundaries and to determine drilling points for exploration boreholes.

Since there is an increasing scarcity of water resources in many African countries, especially in Southern Africa, the Sahel zone of West Africa and some parts of East Africa, there is a significant market potential for this innovation in Africa - and in other parts of the world.

Mobile Health

Providing health delivery services to the employed uninsured African poor through the medium of mobile phones is a unique way of solving one of the most pressing socio, economic & political problems in South Africa and the continent of Africa.

The Prior Group has innovated a pre-paid health service consisting of several products and services that will solve many problems in the healthcare sector. The South African company's mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of lower income groups through the use of simple, innovative mobile based systems that enable the dissemination of health products and services in a very simple and cost effective manner.

Lighting systems

he new technology of LED lighted concrete stones invented by Austria based LCT Light & Concrete Technology The LightStone suits to terraces, garden paths, arcades, all outdoor areas and even sidewalks and doorways. Lighting elements are also available for walls and ceilings.

Transformative Technologies has the exclusive marketing and distribution rights of this technology for several African countries.

Road Construction

The German company Poetzsch Maschinenbau (Poema) has developed unique machines for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of low-volumes secondary roads that are not tarred. While the market is pretty small in Central Europe where almost all roads are tarred, there is a huge market potential of this technology in Africa.