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Technologies for Africa

Gamma Exploration: Surveying For New Deep-Rock Water Resources

Water Exploration with Gamma Exploration
  • Exploration for water, oil and mineral resources by applying innovative geophysical technologies that have been developed by inventors and scientists from mainly Germany and the US.
  • Water scarcity is probably the most important pressing issue globally. It is said that water will become more valuable than oil, and that future wars will be fought for water.
  • Getting access to deep-rock water resources can mitigate this risk.
  • The concept of Primary Water is public domain, although very few people understand the huge implications of it.

Water For All: Drinking Water Disinfection at the Point-of-Use

  • Continent-wide low budget solution for safe drinking water at affordable cost for the rural population and the urban poor in African countries
  • One of the most pressing problems that poor people are facing in developing countries today can be solved with an amazingly low investment:
  • 100 million USD would be needed for serving 500 million people in Africa! (0.20 USD per person)
  • Attractive business case and high impact
  • Green technology – good for the environment

Mobile Health Services: Access to Health for All

Mobile Health Solutions
  • Mobile based e-pay solutions to serve the underinsured sector of the South African health market
  • Simple and traceable access to health services for low income earners
  • Unique healthcare management company with 30 years operating experience
  • Addresses national problems in health delivery in a unique way
  • Cashless System, no paperwork
  • Massive expansion potential in all of Africa and beyond

Road Construction: Opening up a new chapter for unpaved low-volume roads

Water Purification
  • Very robust technology made in Germany for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of secondary and tertiary roads both public highways and agricultural roads
  • Accessory equipment can be mounted on most common tractors with three-point hitch
  • High durability of the removable attachments (> 30 years)
  • Green technology: No chemical additives required
  • All equipment is service reduced and can be easily maintained locally by exchange of wear parts
  • Development project: Multi-purpose tractor for Africa

New Building Technology: The Healthy Way of Saving Energy

  • New building technology allows 80% reduction of electricity consumption (proven by real data of existing prototypes)
  • Innovative cooling system is integrated in the ceilings
  • Insulation properties of new windows (heat and sound) break all records
  • Healthy and comfortable living environment through air, temperature and humidity controls
  • Green technology: Extremely environmental-friendly