For Technology Providers

We provide market access to providers of technologies that solve problems, bridge infrastructural gaps and reduce shortcomings in Africa.

Western companies lacking of knowledge and experience in frontier markets

There are plenty of SMEs in Western countries that have developed innovative technologies that can solve problems in Africa - faster, cheaper, and better than existing products and systems. Interesting business models can be created on the resulting customer’s benefit, which can lead to founding new companies or entering into joint ventures with local partners, respectively. Advanced technologies can open the doors to new markets or allow penetration into attractive niches of existing market.

However, many SMEs do not have the necessary manpower, foreign markets experience, business contacts and sales power that are essential for exploiting promising but difficult growth markets in developing nations without external help. Here we can provide the necessary assistance.

Consulting Services

The freelance consultants of our strategic partner Trans Africa Invest operate in Germany and neighbouring countries. These independent advisers will be happy to assist European companies regarding their market entry in Africa. Their services encompass strategic consulting as well as advisory on implementation processes and local project management.