Vision and Mission


We are convinced that Africa’s fast growing markets offer superior business and investment opportunities. Gaps can be bridged, shortcomings be eliminated, and problems be solved by using advanced technologies. Those challenges often represent attractive market niches which provide much space for innovations and new business development.
We introduce advanced technologies that allow us to create, release, build and leverage wealth through founding new companies and establishing joint ventures with profitable and sustainable business models. When a technology is successfully implemented in one area, region or country, we aim at replicating the business model in other geographic areas for maximizing the impact and paving the ground for multiplication and exponential growth.

The transformative nature of technology

We focus on technologies that have the capacity of transforming business ecosystems, economies, societies and nations in accordance with our value system.
We primarily work with technologies that are already well established in the developed world or emerging markets. However, we will also consider introducing new technologies into African markets provided that there is a proof of concept somewhere in the world. Both types of technologies can be game changers in developing markets, depending on the impact and paradigm shift that will follow their successful introduction.


We start, develop, manage and support companies with profitable and sustainable business models in developing countries by introducing transformative technologies. Our key geographic focus is Africa.
We strategically use Mauritius as our preferred financial hub. Mauritius is an attractive, secure and competitive location for cross-border investments and is regarded as a gateway for investments into Africa.
We invite private and institutional investors to participate in our activities through foreign direct investments.
Our projects contribute to wealth creation on local, regional and national levels. Exploitation of people, nations and the environment shall be avoided.
Ideally, our activities shall create win-win situations for providers and users of technology, managers and staff, local people and foreign investors.

Core Values

Our value system embraces integrity and truthfulness, justice and human dignity, innovation and industriousness, authority and prudent stewardship, excellence and protection of the Creation.