Exploration for water with Gamma Exploration

The Gamma Exploration survey method measures radioactivity using specially made scintillation counters optimized to analyze background radiation coming from beneath the Earth. A scintillation counter detects and measures ionizing radiation.

The innovation

The term Gamma Exploration is the use of gamma radiation to make a survey beneath the earth’s surface. By measuring the natural terrestrial gamma radiation and the amount of attenuation that occurs, sub-surface deposits of water (and possibly oil) can be identified with minimum effort.

Scintillation counters represent a proven technology commonly used in geophysical surveys for the past several decades. Most of them are employed for analyzing radioactive spots, but using background radiation for surveys is not common knowledge and this is our USP.

Background radiation is the key

The naturally occurring background radiation which is always present on earth, identifies underground variations by the level and type of radiation being emitted. This so-called background radiation underlies local variations and is influenced by many factors.

The background radiation shows subnormal activity when it passes through water and oil. This pattern allows us to detect water and oil reserves, define their boundaries, and determine the best spots for exploration drilling.


German bornD r. Armin J. Bickel started his career as an astrophysicist at the rocket research center of Peenemuende, where he was involved in the development of the V2-rocket during WWII. In the 50s, he immigrated to Canada and later to the US. Until his retirement, he worked on rocket development projects and did research on space technology at NASA. He teamed with Wernher von Braun, who developed the rockets that launched United States' first space satellites and first series of moon missions.

After retirement in the 70s, Dr. Bickel founded his own company. Being an expert on natural nuclear reactions, he used his extensive work experience for developing special scintillation counters which he used to prospect for water, oil, diamonds and minerals. He sold his devices and even used them for himself with great success in several countries.

Bickel claimed to be able to accurately pinpoint oil, mineral and water locations as well as tell the depth, width, and length of mineral deposits to 1000 feet deep and oil bearing strata as deep as 10,000 feet. This is what his instrument was invented for.

Dr. Bickel was an endowed researcher, demonstrating an exhaustive knowledge spectrum, most of which is no longer available today. However, Dr. Bickel introduced Edgar Gummerum, the founder of Gamma Exploration, to some of his secrets.

Air-born prospecting with scintillation counters

dgar has been working with modified scintillation counters as geo-physical measuring devices for more than 15 years. Using these devices, we are capable of surveying areas of any size in a short period of time without invasion.

Our scintillation counters work with a software that records both measured data and GPS coordinates in real time while walking, driving, riding, or flying over areas, thereby allowing accurate data processing. Visualizing of the surveys in Google Earth facilitates an expedited interpretation of the results.

Survey options

Depending on the size of the area to be examined, the examination can be carried out by foot, hand cart, 4x4 vehicle, or helicopter. Results are have been found to be limited when utilizing small airplanes for the examination.

The current R&D program will enable us to do the survey with drones, as well. This will further increase efficiency , leading to shorter survey times and faster results.

Unique Selling Points

Geophysical survey and analysis of data:

  • Unique signals
  • Complements other methods
  • Fast interpretation of data series
  • Determination of drilling points:

  • Exact determination of the best location is possible
  • High success rate, leading to a reduced number of bad drillings
  • Customer benefits:

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving