Water 4 All Côte d’Ivoire: The Investment Opportunity

Water 4 All is a commercial venture offering low budget solutions for clean drinking water to the rural population in Côte d’Ivoire and additional African countries. It produces a highly effective disinfection solution of sodium hypochlorite with a new technology from Germany. Small bottles of the disinfecting agent are distributed to private households for consumers to treat their water at the point of use.

Corporate Structure

The venture was founded as a protected cell “Transformative Technologies PCC - Water 4 All Côte d’Ivoire” in the protected cell company “Transformative Technologies PCC”, Mauritius. The said Cell has founded the operating company “Water 4 All CI Sàrl” in Côte d’Ivoire which is a 100% subsidiary of the Mauritian holding company.

Capital needed

An initial investment of 350,000 Euros was made by a private investor in 2015 for setting up the corporate structure and the production plant in Abidjan. A further 600,000 Euros are needed for the nation-wide rollout. Financial investors will be offered shares of the Mauritian parent company.

This business case has further upside potential by extending the customer base to more target groups, by exporting parts of the production to neighboring countries, and by replicating the business case in other African countries.

Impact Investing

It is anticipated that Water 4 All will have a demonstrable social and environmental impact.

Boiling of biologically contaminated water is the only option to make drinking water potable for poor people. This process demands high firewood and charcoal consumption, ultimately leading to deforestation and desertification in many areas. Frequent diseases from contaminated water and deforestation lead to more poverty and destabilization of rural communities. Migration into cities from rural distressed areas further increases destabilization, increasing the problems of rapid urbaniztion and emergence of slums.

By providing an alternative method of water purification, this investment opportunity will ultimately lead to easing the pressure on nature already in distress, especially in the Sahelian Zone.This venture is also expected to ease the pressure of unharnessed urbanization and check slum expansion.